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PSYC 775 Lecture: Topic and Outline Assignment Instructions Overview For the Lecture: Topic and

PSYC 775

Lecture: Topic and Outline Assignment Instructions


For the
Lecture: Topic and Outline Assignment you will decide on your topic and complete an outline for your upcoming
Lecture: Final Presentation Assignment. Before completing this assignment, thoroughly read the
Lecture: Final Presentation Assignment
Instructions so you know the guidelines for that assignment and what will be expected of you (essentially, you will be delivering an 8–10 minute narrated PowerPoint lecture for your chosen hypothetical course). The purpose of this
Lecture: Topic and Outline Assignment is to help you organize and prepare for your upcoming
Lecture: Final Presentation Assignment.


For this assignment, you must submit the following:

Topic Choice – Your topic can be any topic that is covered in your chosen textbook for this term.

· You must use the same textbook that you used for your Syllabus Draft assignment.

· You must choose a topic for which you can generate an 8–10 minute lecture. Too broad of a topic will give you too much information to cover in this time limit. Too specific of a topic may leave you short of this requirement.

Lecture Outline – Include a detailed outline of the main points that will be covered in your lecture. Your outline should be more than simply key words. You should include details such as definitions, important research points, examples you may use, etc. Remember to quote appropriately if you include wording directly from your chosen textbook. Paraphrasing is an even better option!

Active Learning/Demonstration Description – Include a description of one
in-class active learning exercise
OR demonstration that you would give to the hypothetical class listening to your lecture. Your description should include:

· Details of the demonstration or steps the students will need to follow for the active learning exercise

· How the demonstration or activity connects to what students are learning in the lecture

Reference Page – Include your textbook reference (and any other sources you use) in an APA-formatted Reference Page after your outline.

You will submit your outline as a
Word document. You do
not need to design PowerPoint slides or record narration at this point. For your final lecture you will be allowed to alter some of the information submitted here if necessary, but your topic will need to stay the same. Be sure that any changes continue to meet requirements for full credit on your final lecture assignment. Any changes in topic should be rare and will need instructor approval prior to completing your
Lecture: Final Presentation Assignment.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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