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Q1)  One of the learning objectives this week is to be able to describe how conflicts of interest can arise for business professionals.(3-4


One of the learning objectives this week is to be able to describe how conflicts of interest can arise for business professionals.(3-4 Paragraphs,Please see Q2) for reference -Answers given by other teamates)

For your post this week, respond to the following end-of-chapter questions:  Have you ever been in, or are you familiar with, a conflict of interest situation?  How was it resolved?  Can you think of any rules or any practices that could have prevented the situation from occurring?  Can you think of any initiatives, structures, or procedures that could make it easy to avoid such conflicts in the future?

Q2)Please reply to the given two Posts-2 to 3 paragraphs each

Post 1:( Jasmine Guy)

 I am checking in at a +2.  Last week of school and I am thinking of applying for the DBA program here.  Graduation is this weekend and I have family coming in town to help celebrate at my graduation party.  So much to look forward to!

There was a situation with my cousin who had an encounter with a police officer in Illinois.  Her sister who is also my cousin, was a detective at the time and she requested to call her to help her get out of the situation.  This was a conflict of interest because the two had a close relationship and the sister who was the detective could have gotten in trouble for attempting to get her out of a situation that she caused.  My cousin who was the detective came to defend her as well as see what was going on, and we later learned she indeed did have some consequences.  This could have been avoided had she talked to her boss about the situation so that all parties could be aware and been able to help navigate through the situation.  Communication is always key.  Communicating effectively could prevent many conflicts.

Post 2:(Vincent)

 There was a situation where in practice, we had a practice where the defense was getting on the offense real bad that day and all of us offensive coaches where not happy about it. The players on the defense were talking and letting us know we weren’t doing our best and one of our offensive coaches let his frustrations out and started talking back, which did not make my head coach very happy and we had to have a sit down and talk about that. I was a player at a time and I understand how the tensions get high, being super competitive and things can happen but I also understand us as coaches have to be the role models of how to act and not surccumb to those tensions when we get upset. It was resolved through the meeting we had as coaches to help remind us that we have to be the standard setters and we have to be better even when we don’t want to be. I think the practice of leaning on more of your coworkers is essential in this situation and to understand that next play mentality and don’t get so stuck on the one play, having that have a snowball effect for the rest of the day. I think us structuring practice and scripting what we want to be seen on that given day can help out in this situation because it’s plays that we want to see against other plays, and if they go wrong we can just move on because the plays we had scripted where just ones that we wanted to try out and get reps for in practice.  

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