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Question 2: Can you think of any examples of magical

Question 2: Can you think of any examples of magical thinking from your own life?

Question 3: How does magic differ from science? Do non-Western people have science?

Question 4: Astrology in mainstream American culture is sometimes  labeled as entertainment (e.g., horoscopes are in the  entertainment section of the newspaper). However, many people take them  quite seriously. Are horoscopes and other forms of divination just  harmless entertainment? Are there any negative consequences of living  one’s life relying on astrology and fortunetelling? Are there any  positive consequences?

Instructions: -Answer the questions in 2 to 3 paragraphs for each question and  provide the number for each response. The questions have to be answered  from chapter 7 of the book provided. NO PLAGIARIZING. Please provide information found in the book with no plagiarism. You may also provide your opinion in the questions that ask you for it.

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