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Readings and Viewings · Helping young children learn language and literacy: Birth through kindergarten. Chapter 9 ·

Readings and Viewings

· Helping young children learn language and literacy: Birth through kindergarten. Chapter 9


Next Generation English Language Arts Standards


Assessment as a guide: New Generation Standards


NYS Early LearningGuidelines


Reading Rockets – Assessment and Evaluation


Reading Rockets – Early Reading Assessment Guiding Tool Instruction


Robert Pianta: The Value of Early Screening


Robert Pianta: The Value of Early Screening (Fully Captioned Version)

Assignment 1 – 1 page

In Chapter 9 of our text, the authors define an assessment systems as “the process of gathering evidence of what children can and cannot yet do” (Vukelich, Enz, Roskos, & Christie, 2020, p. 186). write about the importance of assessment, how it will inform your instruction, and why it matters to understand the developmental stages and milestones. What assessment system have you used, or do you plan to use? What caution would you give an early childhood professional new to the field?

Assignment 2 – 4 pages

Write a reflection essay on the readings in APA format. Include a title page, use in-text citations, and a reference page. Be sure to respond to the following guiding topics and questions:  

Early Learning Standards. Discuss the role of early learning standards in assessment activity. 

Assessment systems: Define the concept of an assessment system and identity the principles, types, and features of early literacy.  

Provide an example. Many models were introduced in the readings. Select one model for an in-depth study. Describe it, and share how it could benefit your program.  

Assessment information. Once the assessment has been completed, what are the next steps? Please share some examples of how teachers could utilize the information gathered through assessment.

Assignment 3 – 1 page

Choose an assessment tool from Chapter 9 in the textbook. For this assignment you are asked to “practice and play” and either assess a child using the assessment tool or describe how you would use this assessment tool with a child. Be specific, and document your experiences here as a way to bridge theory and practice. please share the tool you used, your experience, and what you learned about language and literacy.

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