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REFLECTION Episode of Care – Summative This assessment must be completed by the end of Part 1 by the student′s practice assessor during a specific episode


Episode of Care – Summative This assessment must be completed by the end of Part 1 by the student′s practice assessor during a specific episode of care. PART 3 EPISODE OF CARE 1 The student will be given the opportunity to supervise and teach a junior learner/colleague in practice and provide a written reflection on this experience. This needs to be based on the delivery of direct person-centred care. Professionalism underpins all aspects of the student’s performance. (BAP 1) The aim of this assessment is to demonstrate the student’s progression in the following five platforms within the Future Nurse: Standards of proficiency (including skills from annexe A and B) (NMC 2018) in the context of their intended field(s) of practice: Assessing needs and planning care Providing and evaluating care Improving safety and quality of care Leading nursing care and working in team Coordinating care Effective communication and relationship management skills underpin all aspects of care. (Annex A) Students are required to use appropriate approaches and techniques considering the person’s motivation, capacity, and need for reasonable adjustment applying understanding of mental capacity and health legislation as appropriate. Learning outcomes The student is able to: Supervise and teach less experienced students and colleagues, appraising the quality of the nursing care they provide, documenting performance, promoting reflection, and providing constructive feedback. (5LMNCWIT 5.8, 5.9, 5.10) Demonstrate an understanding of the factors that both facilitate and impede learning in practice. (4PEC 4.1, 5LNCWIT 5.8, 5.9) Demonstrate leadership potential in the assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of care. (5LNCWIT5.6) Apply the appropriate knowledge and skills in appraising the quality of the nursing care provided by the junior learner colleague. (5LNCWIT 5.10) Demonstrate effective verbal, non-verbal communication and interpersonal skills in engaging with the learner and others involved in the care and act as a positive role model. (4PEC 4.3) Critically reflect on their own role and the role of the nurse in the supervision, facilitation, and evaluation of learning for the whole team. (5LNCWIT 5.3, 5.9, 5.10) Student reflection on an episode of care Within your reflection, describe the episode of care and how you assessed, delivered and evaluated care. What did you do well? What would you have done differently? Hi can you do this episode of care for me, I need it to be done today, I did an episode of care with a junior learner which is based on falls prevention and management, my placement was in a ward, older adults patients with mental illnesses like dementia who are at a high risk of falls

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