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   Review the materials in Learning Module #2.    Read Chapter 2 in

   Review the materials in Learning Module #2.

   Read Chapter 2 in the textbook.

   DO NOT simply copy things out of the book word for word. You are assessed on your ability to  demonstrate that you understand the material using your own words.

1. Identify and explain the two significant events that led to the establishment of the Minnesota Restitution Center. Why were they significant?

2.  DISCUSSION:  If properly staffed and funded, which criminal justice issue and specific population would you advocate for to have a restitution center established? Why (which type of crime and which offender population)?


Your post should be in paragraph form.

You MUST respond to at least two other students in order to be considered for points. 

You MUST post your individual response by Thursday 11:59 pm in order to receive any points.

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Assignment Outline