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Scenario: As a director of an early child care and


As a director of an early child care and education program, you wish to ensure that all teachers are knowledgeable about nutrition in the early years. Hypothetically, you have located a great video on the topic and want to put together a post-video discussion guide so that your teachers can explore this topic during a 2-hour professional development session. 


  • When completing the weekly scenario, you must be sure to include both a focus assignment and a self-reflection. These must be clearly labeled using headings. Without the proper labels, I must assume that this step was not completed, and partial credit will be lost. 
  • Headings:
    • Focus Assignment
    • Self Reflection
  • A self-reflection is a thorough explanation of your focus assignment. The self-reflection must be written in paragraph format with a minimum of 10 sentences.
  • One aspect of the self-reflection is to learn the skill of using evidence based practices in your work as an early childhood educator. For the purpose of the research assignment, you will do this by using research to justify your explanation of the focus assignment in the self-reflection.  
  • You must also include the full reference at the bottom of the assignment or on a sperate work cited page. 
  • You will not earn credit for placing the reference at the end of the self-reflection without proper in-text citation

Instructions and Rubric for Chapter Scenario: 100 Points Total

Focus Assignment: 50 points

Create a 4-question post-video discussion guide on the topic of building teacher understanding of healthy eating. In your guide, be sure to integrate the concepts of ChooseMyPlate. The discussion guide will focus on teacher understanding of healthy eating through ChooseMyPlate. Please feel free to check out the ChoosemyPlate website to complete the assignment.

Self-Reflection: 50 points

1. For each item of your discussion guide, explain how this guideline addresses the issues in the scenario (40 points).

2. A minimum of two In-text citations to justify your explanation. (10 points).

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Assignment Outline