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see attached  Wk 2 – Apply: Summative Assessment: Agile Training Presentation Exam Content Top of Form Continuous

see attached 

Wk 2 – Apply: Summative Assessment: Agile Training Presentation

Exam Content

Top of Form

Continuous improvement is an important component of agile methodology. A skilled project manager needs to be able to identify existing tasks and apply different concepts to improve the project.

Identify 1 project you are involved in or 1 task you perform daily that needs improvement. An example of this could be a work-specific project, morning routine, your process for getting groceries, or how you install a new software. 
Note: This project or task you select for this assessment will be used for the 3 summative assessments in the course.

Now that you’re familiar with continuous improvement concepts, 
consider how your project or task can benefit from your new knowledge. What would change? 

Consider this scenario: You have been assigned to deliver a virtual training to your team (i.e., co-workers or family based on the project or task you selected) that describes how the application of continuous improvement concepts to your selected project or task can save you time and money and improve the outcome of your selected project or task. This means you need to educate them on agile concepts and empower them to make decisions that would benefit your organization or family.

For this assignment, you will 
create both a training presentation and a recorded video of the training, including the presentation. 

Create an 8- to-10- slide presentation about your chosen project that incorporates the following information:

· A description of how the agile concepts you would apply and would provide continuous improvement for the outcome or solution for this project or task

· An explanation of how the team can change their mindsets and use agile concepts to make decisions that support continuous improvements

· An evaluation of potential artifacts you may use to communicate, such as daily standups and status reports

Note: You may benefit from organizing your presentation using the following from Ch. 4, “Agile Initiation and Stakeholder Engagement,” of 
PMI-ACP® Project Management Institute Agile Certified Practitioner Exam Study Guide:

· The headers described in “Agile Project Charter Headers” on p. 161

· The template from “Elevator Statement Template” on p. 171

PS. Also, create footnotes from present to present. Top of Form

Bottom of Form

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