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Social class

Question 14 What would be the result of ambivalence during the dependent-patient role stage?

1. Create barriers that interfere with the treatment and willingness to comply.
2. Warrant further confirmation sought from family and friends about what is happening.
3. Have the person become aware that something is wrong.
4. Cause additional burdens to family and friends of the person at this time.

Question 15 Which statement exemplifies how a nursing student views health?

1. Entered the health care profession with a culturally based concept of health
2. Forces patients to accept the medical definitions of health
3. Accepts the prevailing definition of health and applies it to individual patients
4. Must share the patient’s views of health and illness

Question 16 While reviewing the Healthy People 2020 document, the nurse identifies what as being the main objectives of the program?

Select all that apply.

1. Address the relationship between health status and biology, behavior, services, social factors, and policies.
2. Emphasize an ecological approach to disease prevention and health promotion.
3. Ensuring all Americans have health insurance
4. Eliminating childhood diseases
5. Ensuring all Americans have one physical each year

Question 17 Why would the nurse review health status determinants when assessing a patient?

Select all that apply.

1. Learn the patient’s lifestyle.
2. Understand the patient’s environment.
3. Identify how to measure progress.
4. Ability to motivate action
5. Identify ways to reduce health care costs.

Question 18 A patient comes to a health care provider concerned about a family history of diabetes. The provider addresses the patient’s concerns and suggests interventions to diminish the patient’s chances of developing the disease. What is this action considered?

1. Perceived benefits

2. Demographic variables

3. Perceived seriousness

4. Sociopsychological variables

Question 19 Which illness trajectory would be seen in a person with cancer?

1. presenting symptoms, followed by treatment and recovery.

2. acute illness, unstable status, deterioration, and recovery.

3. diagnosis, treatment, unstable status, death.

4. presenting symptoms, followed by diagnosis and treatment

Question 20 After learning about a health problem, a patient is reluctant to take action. Which barriers could be influencing this patient’s decision about taking action?

Select all that apply.

1. Cost

2. Availability

3. Time

4. Social class

5. Use of Jargon

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