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Sociology Of Sports , Friday Night Lights . ( THE TV SERIES) Not The Movie.. LOOK AT DEADLINE

I will post the information for this when I find the right writer.


The individual should not take this assignement unless they know who Tim Riggins is… Buddy Garrert, Jason Street…Lelia Garret.. Ect.. The writer should not take this assignement unless they understand the terminology of Sports of Socilogy and can make those comparsions to the movie.. Conflict Theory, Funcalionailist Theory, SocioEconomic Correlations, Socio Gender Issue’s at hand in the movie.. Hegeomony theory.. and other terms that will be enclosed that can be googled…


A writer previously worked on this for a well paying job of 50 for a 3-4 double spaced APA format Critical Thinking/Research paper of Sociological correaltions in Friday Night Lights.. There is a decent base but after failing this assignment after 3 attempts two of which was blatnant disregard of the instructions that were inclosed including just the simple instructions that it was the TV SERIES.. Not the book based in odessa , Tx and not the 2004 or earlier Billy Bob Thorton Version.. So much so that I got a refund.. If you want 50 Dollars to finish a half kljklj job… that is actually a little fun and you can watch a few episodes of one of the greatest series of all time for free online… and make charcter references, qoutes that correlate to the terminology, and make direct use of the terms.. this is a great fun assignment.. WIsh I had time;… but moving to a new college in week three has me scrambling to complete online exams… discussion boards, journals, observations and all the fun..


Please do not contact and waste both of our times… this job needs to be finished by 6am pacific standard time TODAY ( WELL IN THE MORNING)


I will attach the three poor written articles once job is accepted!!! there is no room for error in this one and no time for adjustments.. DO NOT INCLUDE ANYTHING ABOUT THE DIRECTOR AND THEIR CAMERA WORK AND WRITING STYLE IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SOCIOLOGY OF ANYTHING LET ALONE SPORTS.. LOL just making sure writers

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  • 74901340-2ndrevised_sociology__soc_of_sports__friday_night_lights__the_tv_series4.docx
  • 74901340-2ndrevised_sociology__soc_of_sports__friday_night_lights__the_tv_series___1_.docx
  • 74901340-_sociology__soc_of_sports__friday_night_lights__the_tv_series_-1.docx

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