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The assessing and Treating Pediatric Clients with Mood Disorders

The assessing and Treating Pediatric Clients with Mood Disorders Introduction Depression is the most common mental disorder for young people, and it is associated with educational underachievement, self-harm, and suicidality. The depression rate among children this day is so disturbing. The effect of depression is devastating since it leads to a variety of physical and emotionally problems. 1 Depression can reduce the child ability to function at academically (American Psychiatric Association, 2018).

We can categorize depression in children into two types, the 1st is major depression in this type of depression the child will be in depression for less than a month and the child might experience it again sometime in life. Dysthymia depression is a less form of severe chronic depression that last for two years in total (American Psychological Association, 2016). This is the most serious and considered the leading cause of suicide death, and disability in adolescent in this age group (WHO, 2014) Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) is antidepressant and helps children and adolescent to get back into a stable mood from mood disorder. It is important to monitor children at a closely at the first four weeks of administering this medication, this help identify a change in behavior.Some sign to watch for include sleeplessness, withdrawal from social gathering or unnecessary agitation (Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 2016).

2 This paper is my opportunity to examine An African American Child Suffering From Depression. What is, what treatment options are available and the effects of the stigma of MDD on the African American child and family. 3 African Americans are no different when its comes to prevalence of mental health conditions when compared to the rest of the population. Poverty level affects mental health status. 1 African Americans living below the poverty level, as compared to those over twice the poverty level, are 3 times more likely to report psychological distress Decision Selected # 1 I will choose Zoloft 25mg as my first choice of medication Reason for Selection: I have work with a diverse group of patient in including African American in the course of my experience working in children in hospitals unit several years .I have to start with Zoloft 25mg. most provider I worked with will not want to give much medication because of this age group. 1 Zoloft is considered “off-label meaning it is not approve by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat depression in children and adolescents; randomized controlled trials (RCTs) approved it because the benefits. 1 According to the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions (IACAPAP, 2016), Zoloft is safes and is the best option to treat mood disorders in children in this age group.


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