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The loop diuretics

Question 74 1 / 1 point

Which diuretic agents typically do not need potassium supplementation?

Question options:

The loop diuretics

The thiazide diuretics

The aldosterone inhibitors

They all need supplementation

Question 75 0 / 1 point

Jim is being treated for hypertension. Because he has a history of heart attack, the drug chosen is atenolol. Beta blockers treat hypertension by:

Question options:

Increasing heart rate to improve cardiac output

Reducing vascular smooth muscle tone

Increasing aldosterone-mediated volume activity

Reducing aqueous humor production

Question 76 1 / 1 point

Patient education regarding taking iron replacements includes:

Question options:

Doubling the dose if they miss a dose to maintain therapeutic levels

Taking the iron with milk or crackers if it upsets their stomach

Iron is best taken on an empty stomach with juice

Antacids such as Tums may help the upset stomach caused by iron therapy

Question 77 1 / 1 point

Patient education for a patient who is prescribed antibiotics for sinusitis includes:

Question options:

Use of nasal saline washes

Use of inhaled corticosteroids

Avoiding the use of ibuprofen while ill

Use of laxatives to treat constipation

Question 78 1 / 1 point

Patients who are treated with greater than 100 grams per week of topical calcipotriene for psoriasis need to be monitored for:

Question options:

High vitamin D levels




Question 79 1 / 1 point

Sook has been prescribed gabapentin to treat neuropathic pain and is complaining of feeling depressed and having “strange” thoughts. The appropriate initial action would be:


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