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The start of class I or II symptoms

Question 22 1 / 1 point

Lisa is a healthy nonpregnant adult woman who recently had a urinary tract infection (UTI). She is asking about drinking cranberry juice to prevent a recurrence of the UTI. The correct answer to give her would be:

Question options:

Sixteen ounces per day of cranberry juice cocktail will prevent UTIs.

100% cranberry juice or cranberry juice extract may decrease UTIs in some patients.

There is no evidence that cranberry juice helps prevent UTIs.

Cranberry juice only works to prevent UTIs in children.

Question 23 1 / 1 point

Ginseng, which is taken to assist with memory, may potentiate:

Question options:





Question 24 1 / 1 point

While on testosterone replacement, hemoglobin and hematocrit levels should be monitored. Levels suggestive of excessive erythrocytosis or abuse are:

Question options:

Hemoglobin 14 g/dl or hematocrit 39%

Hemoglobin 11.5 g/dl or hematocrit 31%

Hemoglobin 13 g/dl or hematocrit 38%

Hemoglobin 17.5 g/dl or hematocrit 54%

Question 25 1 / 1 point

What is the role of calcium supplements when patients take bisphosphonates?

Question options:

They must be restricted to allow the medication to work.

They must be taken in sufficient amounts to provide foundational elements for bone growth.

They must be taken at the same time as the bisphosphonates.

They only work with bisphosphonates if daily intake is restricted.

Question 26 1 / 1 point

Clinical judgment in prescribing includes:

Question options:

Factoring in the cost to the patient of the medication prescribed

Always prescribing the newest medication available for the disease process

Handing out drug samples to poor patients

Prescribing all generic medications to cut costs

Question 27 1 / 1 point

The most cost-effective treatment for two or three impetigo lesions on the face is:

Question options:

Mupirocin ointment

Retapamulin (Altabax) ointment

Topical clindamycin solution

Oral amoxicillin/clavulanate (Augmentin)

Question 28 1 / 1 point

Medications are typically started for angina patients when:

Question options:

The first permanent EKG changes occur

The start of class I or II symptoms

The events trigger a trip to the emergency department

When troponin levels become altered

Question 29 0 / 1 point

Rabi is being prescribed phenytoin for seizures. Monitoring includes assessing:

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