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TOPIC: Aggravated Assault in San Antonio Ill add the file of the essay so you can have an idea of what to add to the slides.  I have everything all I need

TOPIC: Aggravated Assault in San Antonio

Ill add the file of the essay so you can have an idea of what to add to the slides. 

I have everything all I need you to do is assemble it.

This week, you will prepare your written argument for oral delivery. Imagine you have submitted a proposal in written form, and your audience asks you to deliver an oral presentation to a virtual or asynchronous audience. How would you need to adapt your content to fit within the time constraints or to make it more visually appealing?

Read this week’s lesson page for detailed guidance on developing and organizing presentations. The following are your specific assignment expectations and recommendations.

Provide a recorded narration of about 7 minutes.

  • The narration delivers your message. Do not skip this. Slides without narration have little value.
  • Speak your message with energy, enthusiasm, and confidence. You are the expert with something valuable to share!
  • Include specific evidence and other researched source information so support your message.
  • Do not read your slides. Use the slides as an outline to support your complete spoken message.
  • Do not read your essay. Adapt your essay’s message to be more suitable for spoken and visual delivery.
  • Recording is most easily done using the narration tools in PowerPoint, though you may submit audio in any .mp3 or .mp4 format.
  • Webcam video recording is optional, but consider how being visible to your audience may enhance your presentation’s effectiveness.

Use PowerPoint or a similar program as your visual aid.

  • Organize textual content into very concise, clear slide titles and bullets. Your narration carries the message. The words on the slides only provide an outline of ideas, important details, and citations.
  • Support your message with useful and relevant graphs, charts, and images. Explain them in your narration if necessary.
  • Maintain consistent font size and style, and design slides for a visually appealing audience experience.

The following is a sample organizational structure.

  • First Slide: Title, your name, topic, course, and date
  • Second Slide: Introduction—In the introduction, you might discuss why you chose your topic and why it is important. Provide a clear thesis statement.
  • Third and Fourth Slides: Problem Analysis—What is causing the problem? Is it getting worse? What will happen if we fail to act?
  • Fifth and Sixth Slides: Solutions—Discuss a range of possible solutions. Select the best one and convince your audience it is the best choice.
  • Seventh Slide: Conclusion—Provide a recap of your argument, and make a final call to action.
  • Eighth Slide: References—Review the information in the following section for additional guidance.

Follow APA citation guidelines for ethical source use.

  • In your narration, mention important sources to strengthen your credibility.
  • On your slides, write parenthetical citations for all written information and visual elements.
  • On a references slide, list full APA source citations for all sources used in the presentation.

Also a word doc with speech for narrative 

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