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Unit 4 Mentor Interview Slide Presentation Outline Slide 1- Title Slide- Content · First and Last

Unit 4 Mentor Interview Slide Presentation Outline

Slide 1- Title Slide- Content

· First and Last Name, Academic and Professional Credentials

· Title of assignment

· Name of institution

Slide 2- Mentor Introduction-

· Mentor’s initials (i.e., S.T.), Academic and Professional Credentials (i.e. RN, MSN, CNE)

· Current position with role responsibilities

Slide 3: Professional and Educational Background

· Did they work in another field?

· What drew them to nursing?

· Pathway to current position including education/certifications earned and membership(s) in professional organizations

Slide 4: Current Role Discussion

· Advantages to your practice role

· Challenges to your current role

Slide 5
: Mentor Selection Rationale-

· Why did you choose this nurse as a potential mentor?

· What mentorship qualities/skills/attributes do they meet?

Slide 6: Mentoring and Professional Development

· Did your mentor have a mentor(s)?

· How has having or not having a mentor impacted your mentor’s professional development?

· How does your mentor view mentorship?

· How does your mentor feel they can guide you in your professional development?

Slide 7: Mentor Advice

· What advice did your mentor give you on setting a professional path towards developing into a practice role like theirs?

Slide 8: Reflection:

· Do you feel this can be your mentor?

· Personal chemistry and conducive schedules/feasibility/suitability/agrees to be your mentor

· Fit of goals

· Skills and attributes (mentor is experienced)

Slide 9
: Conclusion

· Summary of the interview process

· Impression of the role after the interview

· Final thoughts

Slide 10: References-

· Use only if you cite sources in your presentation requiring APA in-text citations and references.

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