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view attachment CAPSTONE WEEK 4 Assignment for this week will be a response to the following question: “As an expert in my field of study, how do I

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Assignment for this week will be a response to the following question: “As an expert in my field of study, how do I expect to apply Jesuit ideals and principles in my work and/or in other facets of my life?” Please include in your discussion how you see Jesuit ideals being applied in disciplines (specializations) related to your own. You may also use other resources as you find necessary and helpful.

This paper should be a minimum of 8 pages in length (APA format), not including title and reference pages.

The Jesuits have a long history in education and academic endeavors. Other Jesuit institutions of learning share many of these values.

· Magis (Latin for “greater”): A characteristic way of proceeding for Jesuits and colleagues: when faced with two or more good options, choose that which benefits the greater number of people. Think globally.

· Men and Women for Others: A primary goal of Jesuit education is to form men and women devoted to service of others and the formation of a more just society.

· Finding God in All Things: God instills desires for truth, love and beauty in every person, therefore any sincere attempt to find and express these—in the arts, sciences, philosophy, religion, everyday experiences, etc.—to a certain extent draws persons closer to God and to each other.

· Unity of Minds and Hearts: Jesuit education seeks to form men and women who, being diverse in backgrounds and convictions, are united by common respect, a presupposition of good will, and core values.

· Care of the Person (Latin = Cura Personalis): Quality care for others requires that we acknowledge and attend to unique experiences, perspectives and needs.

· Contemplatives in Action: Familiarity with God that enables one to instinctively recognize His presence and activity at any moment of the day, and to determine with relative facility what choices will better serve Him.

*** fyi to include stuff more related to me I have an associates in applied arts (I am going for my bachelors in psych and will finish this spring)

I am not as interested in psychology as I used to be (not going for masters… etc) and lost the passion (realized also mentally it is a lot of work to put others first when I deal with issues myself) I enjoy being somewhat of a therapist (per say) to friends and close ones it’s more of a side thing I enjoy and realized I couldn’t do it as a job I’m a huge empath (I do not know what I will do with the degree and I have mentioned this in the discussion posts **** I also have been part time through this journey so it took me longer) I am more so going with the flow and just want to wrap up and have the degree since I realized more than halfway through I don’t plan to go for anything higher and how bachelors in psych jobs aren’t the best nor they interest me

^^ build off of that and ask any ??? you have

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