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Read the article, “Do men with excessive alcohol consumption and social stability have an addictive personality?” and identify the research questions and/or hypotheses as they are stated in the article.  If you need assistance looking up the article with the citation, please view the Finding an Article When You Have a Citation tutorial, which is located under “Getting Research Help” within the Ashford University Library.  As you read the article, consider the following questions: What are the variables (sample sizes, population, treatments, etc.)? What are the descriptive statistics used in this article (frequencies, means, etc.)?
Write a two- to three-page paper presenting the information listed below.  Your paper must contain a title page and a reference page formatted in APA style.  Cite any references made to the article within the body of the paper in correct APA format.  Your paper should begin with an introduction paragraph that includes a thesis statement and ends with a concluding paragraph.  The concluding paragraph should summarize the major points made in the body of the paper and reaffirm the thesis.  When writing the article critique, your paper must:

  1. Determine what question(s) the      authors are trying to answer through this research.
  2. Determine the hypothesis being      tested and the concepts that were applied in this process.
  3. Evaluate the article and      critique the statistical analysis employed in the study.
    • Would you       have included more and/or different variables?  Explain your answer.
  4. Examine the assumptions and      limitations of the statistical study.
    • What would       you have done differently in this case? Why?
  5. Identify how the authors      applied statistical testing to the problem.
  6. Interpret the findings of the      author(s) using statistical concepts.

Access the Critical Thinking Community (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. website for tips on how to formulate your thoughts and discussion of these questions in a logical and meaningful manner.
The Assignment:

  1. Must be two to three      double-spaced pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) and      formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing      Center.
  2. Must include a title page with      the following:
    1. Title of       paper
    2. Student’s       name
    3. Course name       and number
    4. Instructor’s       name
    5. Date       submitted
  3. Must document all sources in      APA style

Berglund, K., Roman, E., Balldin, J., Berggren, U., Eriksson, M., Gustavsson, P., & Fahlke, C. (2011). Do men with excessive alcohol consumption and social stability have an addictive personality? Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 52(3), 257-260.  Retrieved from the EBSCOhost database.

  • This article contains descriptive statistics as part of the analysis  of its basic hypothesis.  It will be used to complete the written  assignment this week.

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