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Week 4 Assignment

Please no plagiarism and make sure you are able to access all resource on your own before you bid. One of the references must come from Broderick and Blewitt (2015). I need this completed by 12/22/17 at 6pm.


Assignment: The Development of Identity and Self-Concept

In 1975, Edward Tronick conducted an experiment referred to as the Still-Face Paradigm. In this experiment, mothers resisted interaction with their infants, providing no facial or vocal cues. After a few minutes, the mothers’ lack of attentiveness or “still face” began to weigh emotionally on the infants. The infants stared at the mothers, pointing and reaching out for reassurance. Eventually, the infants disengaged and cried until their mothers offered them comfort (Goldman, 2010).

As infants grow from toddlers to preschoolers, parents and primary caregivers have the greatest impact on identity and self-concept. As a child reaches elementary school, the influence of the parent wanes and various environments outside of the family unit take on greater importance. If a child is continually given a “still face” by his or her peers, what impact might this have on his or her identity? Similarly, if a child continually passes (or fails) spelling tests, what impact might this have on his or her identity development and feelings of self-worth?

For this Assignment, review the Learning Resources. Consider the factors that impact identity and self-concept in childhood and early adolescence.

Complete a 3- to 4-page paper in which you do the following:

  • Explain how identity and self-concept are developed from middle childhood through early adolescence, including how social, biological, and cultural factors might influence the developmental process
  • Explain how you might use this information in your future counseling practice
  • Justify your response with specific references to this week’s Learning Resources and the current literature


· Broderick, P. C., & Blewitt, P. (2015). The life span: Human development for helping professionals (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.

o Chapter 6, “Realms of Cognition in Middle Childhood” (pp. 202-243)

o Chapter 7, “Self and Moral Development: Middle Childhood Through Early Adolescence” (pp. 244-281)

· Estell, D. B., Jones, M. H., Pearl, R., Van Acker, R., Farmer, T. W., & Rodkin, P. C. (2008). Peer groups, popularity, and social preference. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 41(1), 5–14.
Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

· Haste, H., & Abrahams, S. (2008). Morality, culture and the dialogic self: Taking cultural pluralism seriously. Journal of Moral Education, 37(3), 377–394.
Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

· Kuhn, D. (2008). Formal operations from a twenty-first century perspective. Human Development, 51(1), 48–55.
Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

· Psaltis, C., Duveen, G., & Perret-Clermont, A.-N. (2009). The social and the psychological: Structure and context in intellectual development. Human Development, 52(5), 291–312.
Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

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