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What are the decisions you made? Completing the assignment with the stimulation I carefully reviewed looking into

What are the decisions you made?

Completing the assignment with the stimulation I carefully reviewed looking into the

information that was provided to me by my staff. I decided to go with $2 million toward training

the physicians and pamphlets. I also decided to ship replacement devices to all users because of

the inaccurate readings. I spent $150,000.00 on packaging and $150,000.00 on communication

campaigns across initiatives.

Why did you make each of your decisions?

I made these decisions because I thought it would best not to overdo something if we were going

to solve the problem, we needed to examine the problem and get it right. I made the decision to

split the cost because we determined that customers were using our device incorrectly. The

reason why I decided to put the money toward the Physicians and pamphlets is because they will

be the ones that see most of the clients. Having them in their office will give them face to face

time to go over the product and let them know exactly what it can do for them. As well as having

the pamphlets in front of the customers because they will have it in black and white to read over

it. The new strips were not working well for the devices. That’s why we decided to send new

devices so we can correct the mistakes we made in the first place. That way the physicians will

be more open to continue using the devices as well as the customers without any problems.

What have you learned from this simulation?

I learned the simulation you really have to pay attention and understand what your role in the

company is. This was a bit challenging to me because at first, I got confused as to what they were

asking me to do but once I was able to go into the simulator and saw what was needed, I was

reading all the emails and rewatch some of the videos I was able to make some decision. The

training of the physicians wasn’t the problem whereas we had to spend that much money the

problem was the device being malfunctioning and the consumer misuse of the device. I am

thinking if we could have reached out to the customers and found out if their device was working

fine or made sure that syncing their glucose meters to their smartphones helped if customers wait

a month between.

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