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working on a class project IDS 403 Module Two Activity Guidelines and Rubric Overview For the project due in Module Seven, you will examine a

working on a class project

IDS 403 Module Two Activity Guidelines and Rubric


For the project due in Module Seven, you will examine a specific technology that influenced a social, cultural, or global event and how it impacts individuals and society. You will demonstrate your ability to think critically, investigate, and communicate clearly. Technology influences society, and society influences technology, creating a feedback loop between them. You will critically analyze a feedback loop in this project through social, historical, and cultural approaches to a specific technology as well as through the four general education lenses: history, humanities, natural and applied sciences, and social science.

For this assignment, you will finalize your selection of the specific technology that influenced a social, cultural, or global event you will be working on and begin to collect the required elements for your analysis. This assignment requires you to gather reliable evidence from varied sources and use them to introduce your technology effectively. All these elements will prepare you to complete the project, where you will need to use evidence to support your points.


For this activity, you will write a short paper introducing a specific technology that influenced a social, cultural, or global event of your choice. You may use the topic that you worked with in the previous activity or choose a new topic now that you have reflected further. Review the module resources and the instructor feedback you received on the previous activity. Then, if needed, visit the 
IDS 403 Library Guide for guidance on how to select and narrow a topic. If you are selecting a new topic, do some preliminary research to make sure you can address the required elements of your project. Please remember that you will not be able to change your topic after the end of this module.

You should begin to gather the sources you will integrate into your project, which will include two resources from the Module Resources sections of this course and two resources that you find through your own research using the Shapiro Library. It may be beneficial to identify more than the number of sources required for the project so you can eventually choose the most useful and credible. You are not required to answer each question below the rubric criteria, but you may use them to better understand the criteria and guide your thinking and writing.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

1. Integrate 
reliable evidence from varied sources throughout your paper to support your analysis.

A. It is important to draw from a diverse pool of perspectives from varied sources to support the analysis. This is different from the Citations and Attributions rubric criterion.

B. Reliable evidence from varied sources should be interwoven throughout the paper itself, while citing and attributing sources will be represented as APA in-text citations and a reference list at the end of your work.

C. You will be evaluated on both criteria.

2. Describe a 
social, cultural, or global event where a technology plays a significant role. Include information such as how the event originated and what it is about.

A. What main points should you include about your event? How did your event start? What other details are needed to ensure a thorough description?

3. Describe the 
technology significant to this event. Include information such as what the technology does and how it might help influence change.

A. Be sure to include any unexpected ways that the technology influenced the event.

4. Assess the 
societal or cultural influences of the technology involved in the event.

A. What stories clearly illustrate how the technology has impacted the lives and experiences of people involved in the social, cultural, or global event?

5. Explain your choice of one 
general education interdisciplinary lens for analyzing the technology and its role in the event.

A. What made you choose one lens over the others? Was it an easy decision? Why or why not?

6. Construct a 
thesis statement that combines your event, the technology, the societal or cultural influences, and choice of general education interdisciplinary lens.

A. Your thesis statement should clearly and concisely state the relationships between your event, technology, societal or cultural differences, and lens. It acts as a hypothesis proposing how these elements will work together during your critical analysis.

What to Submit

Submit your activity as a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Sources should be cited according to APA style.

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