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America’s diverse culture was built on the lives of its native people and immigrants, beginning with the early settlements of the English and

America’s diverse culture was built on the lives of its native people and immigrants, beginning with the early settlements of the English and continuing through the arrival of enslaved Africans to Gadsden Wharf and the primarily European immigrants to Ellis Island. Each of these groups of people came from vastly different cultures and under vastly different circumstances. In this assignment, you are to step into the shoes of one of these immigrants and tell your story.

· Select an immigrant experience addressed in Unit 3 that you would like to explore further. Imagine your life as someone who has been in pre-20th Century America for a year or less. Discuss the cultural traditions and artifacts that you might have brought with you.

· Choose from one of the following; plan to avoid any that your ancestors might have experienced:

· A Jewish immigrant, transported in steerage and arriving in New York with only a suitcase to live in the ghettos

· An enslaved person of African origin, transported by ship and sold on the shores of America to live and work on a Southern plantation

· An indentured servant from Europe arriving in debt and working towards freedom.

· An immigrant from any other country traveling in steerage and landing at Ellis Island without any possessions and knowing no one. Describe their life in the big city, working on a farm, or traveling westward for an opportunity to succeed in your new land.

· Create a journal entry that includes:

· A biographical paragraph (give yourself a name, age, specific place of origin (where you came from), and economic status.

· A narrative (2 or more paragraphs) where you describe your daily life or the work you do or what you do for entertainment, what your family is like, etc. Think of this as an oral history you intend to pass down through the generations. What do they need to know about the life you lived? Use whatever sources you need to make the entry authentic.

· A reflective paragraph (or 2) where you present a specific message of peace and hope to future generations. What wisdom do you want to pass along to your children and grandchildren? What wisdom would you like to pass along to the future?

Things to remember:

· Note that you will be creating a minimum of four well-developed paragraphs.

· Research will be needed to give your narrative historical accuracy. Avoid low-quality websites.

· A diary entry does not have to be overly formal. It should read as if you are leaving it behind for the world to learn from and your loved ones to cherish when you are gone.

· Aim for multiple paragraphs that flow easily from one to the next.

· Proofread before submitting.

Estimated time to complete: 5 hours

Statements based on historical facts need to be referenced. Your source material must be academically credible and validated using in-text citations and references in APA format.

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